ECC Encryption - Stronger and Faster

What is ECC encryption?

SSL certificates commonly use RSA technology to create customer session keys, but the key length keeps increasing to maintain their strength against hacking, which means greater IT processing requirements.

The ‘Elliptic Curve Cryptography’ (ECC) alternative – provided by SSL247® from industry leading partners – creates smaller session keys that are harder to break for hackers. A MUST for fast and secure transactions or information exchanges.

ECC Certficate Benefits

  • Stronger Security - ECC relies on a mathematical algorithm more difficult for hackers to attack, providing stronger protection against attacks than current encryption methods. This means your website and infrastructure are more secure than with current RSA methods.

  • Superior Performance - ECC provides a superior level of security but requires a smaller key length – 256-bit ECC keys are equivalent in strength to a massive 3072-bit RSA key – meaning you receive greater security without sacrificing performance.

  • Investment Protection - ECC SSL provides greater security from a smaller certificate. ECC key lengths are much smaller and increases much slower than other encryption method keys, potentially extending hardware life and yielding a greater return on your investment.

  • Mobile Optimised - The smaller key lengths of ECC means smaller certificates, translating to lower bandwidth consumption. As customers increasingly move to smaller devices for online transactions, ECC offers customers a better experience.

The overall benefits of an ECC SSL certificate means less processing power is required – faster loading times – for both mobile and PCs, which potentially impacts your website, investment and ultimately revenue.

ECC Bit Size Comparison

Symmetric Key Size (Bits)

RSA and Diffie-Hellman Key Size (Bits)

Ellipitic Curve Key Size (Bits)
















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